Dosha Quiz

1. I am lively and enthusiastic.

2. I am talkative.

3. I get easily excited.

4. I easily get afraid and worried.

5. I find it difficult to make decisions.

6. I do things quickly.

7. Cold weather does not suit me.

8. I walk fast.

9. I can quickly pick up something new.

10. I find it hard to learn something by heart and retain it.

11. I have difficulty falling asleep and wake up often in the night.

12. I often have dry skin, and cold hands and feet.

13. I tend towards flatulence or constipation.

14. I have a light build and do not gain weight easily.

1. I have a sharp intellect.

2. I tend to be a perfectionist.

3. I work precisely and methodically.

4. I like to follow my own ideas and can sometimes be stubborn.

5. I easily get impatient.

6. I am quite easily provoked to anger.

7. I flare up easily, but quickly calm down again.

8. My hair is silky, blonde, reddish, prematurely grey, or balding.

9. I have good digestion and can tolerate any sort of food.

10. I can eat more than most people my size.

11. If I have to delay or miss a meal, I feel irritated or out of sorts.

12. I have very regular bowel movements and rarely get constipated.

13. I don’t feel good when the weather is hot.

14. I like cold foods and cool drinks.

1. Other people perceive my character as pleasing.

2. It takes a long time for me to get angry or irritated.

3. I work in a leisurely and comfortable way.

4. My way of walking is slow, steady, and sure.

5. I have excellent long-term memory.

6. Cold, damp weather or mist and fog are my least favorite.

7. My skin is soft and smooth.

8. I am a peaceful person and it is hard for me to lose composure.

9. My sleep is solid and deep.

10. I don’t feel good during the day if I have had less than eight hours of sleep.

11. I tend towards formation of mucus in the respiratory channels and to feel heavy or full.

12. I tend to be plump in figure. I gain weight very quickly.

13. If I am very busy, I can easily miss a meal.

14. My build is like that of an athlete.